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November 22, 2008,  16 comments
Floyd Marinescu asked me to organize an open-spaces session at the QCon Conference in San Francisco. I learned interesting things at both open spaces and regular sessions.
November 13, 2008,  2 comments
We recently moved "Python 3 Patterns & Idioms" from Launchpad to BitBucket. Here's why.
November 7, 2008,  18 comments
A useful collection of observations about our profession.
November 6, 2008,  2 comments
Mark March 2-6 on your calendar.
October 26, 2008,  19 comments
Most build systems start out with dependencies, then realize they need language features and eventually discover they should have started with language design.
October 23, 2008,  15 comments
Headhunters are like travel agents, except that it's taking the web longer to make them go away.
October 19, 2008,  19 comments
The decorator mechanism behaves quite differently when you pass arguments to the decorator.
October 18, 2008,  35 comments
This amazing feature appeared in the language almost apologetically and with concern that it might not be that useful.
October 13, 2008,  9 comments
I've been thinking more about podcasting lately, but I haven't done it because I'm too lazy to go through all the steps. Someone must have simplified this!
October 10, 2008,  2 comments
Because the "Python 3 Patterns and Idioms" book project is distributed, I created a blog for everyone to give scrum-like reports. Did I just invent something?
October 10, 2008,  7 comments
I think the Smalltalk model was way ahead of its time. My vision is to move completely away from the idea of different kinds of storage.
October 10, 2008,  8 comments
Of course I'm asking the wrong crowd here -- you're watching the weblog. Still, you might have some ideas.
October 6, 2008,  3 comments
While I was in Brazil, I was interviewed for a Brazillian technical magazine, and the issue was just published.
October 1, 2008,  Submit comment
You know the bad feeling when you start looking at a Java code base that's just wrong. Proving it is something else again. Here's one way to show it.
September 25, 2008,  15 comments
If Python's what I want to do, I should write that book about it. Herein I muse about how to create a book relying largely on community input and help.
19 pages [ 1 ... 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 ]
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