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Angle Brackets and Curly Braces
A Weblog by Bill Venners
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March 10, 2009,  6 comments
Last week I released a new version of ScalaTest (0.9.5) that includes a "matchers DSL" for writing more expressive assertions in tests. In this post I show differences between ScalaTest matchers and those in Ruby's RSpec tool, and discuss some of the general differences in DSL creation in Ruby and Scala.
December 31, 2008,  6 comments
The next version of ScalaTest will include a set of matchers. These matchers demonstrate the kind of DSL notation you can create in Scala. In this post, I give a sneak preview of ScalaTest matchers, and ask for feedback.
December 26, 2008,  1 comment
The latest version of ScalaTest includes a trait named SpecDasher, which when mixed into a Spec facilitates a more concise expression of specification-style tests. It is deprecated, however, and may be removed in a future release depending on user feedback. What's your opinion?
December 25, 2008,  Submit comment
The latest version of ScalaTest, a testing tool for Scala and Java developers, includes a concise way to test private methods and support for behavior-driven development.
December 18, 2008,  13 comments
Artima's first published book, Programming in Scala, made its bookstore debut last week at the Devoxx conference in Antwerp, Belgium, where it sold out. Twice.
June 3, 2008,  7 comments
In the most recent release of ScalaTest, I've placed some guidelines in the documentation for how to avoid the use of vars in testing code. In this post I include those guidelines and ask for feedback.
January 23, 2008,  29 comments
Tonight I released a new version of ScalaTest, which contains a few changes to the way in which you express assertions and a Suite discovery feature. This release contains all the features that I plan to have in version 1.0, so it is ready for a few months of beta testing.
January 15, 2008,  58 comments
Today I released a testing tool written in Scala, which can be used to test Scala or Java code. It is intended primarily as a tool for testing Scala code, but can also be used as a low-risk way to get started programming in Scala, by writing tests in Scala for production code written in Java.
December 18, 2007,  19 comments
This week we released an early access version of the book, Programming in Scala, in PDF form. With this work, Artima enters the world of book publishing for the first time. In this blog post, I explain what we did and why, and what this means for Artima in the future.
July 27, 2007,  18 comments
In my previous post I brought up the topic of code formatting. This time I'd like to bump it up a level of abstraction to the structure of the code itself. To what extent do you think teams should establish policies for code structure, and what do you think is the best way to structure flow in the presence of potential errors?
July 13, 2007,  43 comments
To what extent should a project or company have a coding style policy, and how and to what extent do you think it should be enforced?
July 7, 2007,  370 comments
To what extent does the productivity of dynamic languages come from the lack of typed variables versus the reduction in "finger typing" required when you don't have to declare the types? The technique of type inferencing in static languages may shed new light on this old debate.
March 3, 2007,  29 comments
For those of you who are programming in C#, what would you say are the biggest sources of pain, or at least discomfort, when using C#.
February 22, 2007,  24 comments
Every Python programmer I talk to seems pretty darn happy, but every language design requires tradeoffs. What are your Python pain points?
February 16, 2007,  29 comments
There has been much praise for Ruby in recent times, but all technologies make tradeoffs. What are the actual pain points you've experienced using Ruby?
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