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Heron-Centric: Ruminations of a Language Designer
A Weblog by Christopher Diggins
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September 12, 2006,  62 comments
Are there really separate programming paradigms? I don't believe so.
September 8, 2006,  8 comments
My most recent post has sparked some debate. I thought I'd put my money where my mouth is and try to define type.
September 7, 2006,  53 comments
Have you ever noticed how most text when discussing computer sciences concepts fails miserably to properly define the terms they discuss?
September 3, 2006,  4 comments
I haven't been posting as much at Artima lately, but I have been posting a fair amount of questions and ideas at
September 2, 2006,  18 comments
I am looking to name a new operation in the Cat programming language.
August 22, 2006,  54 comments
There is a debate raging at the site about closures in Java. Here's my two cents on the subject.
August 17, 2006,  11 comments
I am playing with the idea of allowing types to pushed onto the stack in the Cat language. Here are my ruminations on the subject
August 9, 2006,  5 comments
I talk about my experience at having presented at the Lang. NET 2006 symposium.
August 5, 2006,  38 comments
I am wondering out loud whether a contract can be completely expressed as a type (or type class) in a language with a sufficiently advanced type system.
July 31, 2006,  3 comments
I'm presenting the Cat programming language at Lang. NET 2006 today. The slides are now online.
July 23, 2006,  14 comments
Yes and no.
July 19, 2006,  25 comments
Two of the cardinal sins of programming are overspecification and underspecification. Today I will discuss the one most programmers are guilty of: overspecification.
July 17, 2006,  2 comments
The next version of the Cat programming language, contains namespaces and type annotations.
July 14, 2006,  13 comments
Here is a challenge, try to define what a programming language is.
July 9, 2006,  13 comments
A macro pre-processor which works as a type-aware pattern matcher can be used to transform language X into another language Y. In other words you could create a domain specific language from another language.
13 pages [ 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 ]
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