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Heron-Centric: Ruminations of a Language Designer
A Weblog by Christopher Diggins
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November 2, 2005,  17 comments
A very important programming principle is that of separation of concerns. A class should have one clearly defined responsibility. When this is violated problems arise, for instance in the STL.
October 30, 2005,  9 comments
Most web-browsers today come with EcmaScript ( ie. JavaScript) built-in. Did you know another very powerful language came with Internet Explorer and Firefox?
October 28, 2005,  7 comments
I just wrote a small open-source JavaScript tokenizer that outputs XML. Here is why you might be interested.
October 27, 2005,  16 comments
I frequently encounter open-source code which reimplements code which exists elsewhere (and usually does so badly). When everyone is busy reinventing the wheel, no one has the time to build a cart.
October 21, 2005,  83 comments
More and more programmers and researchers have been suggesting heresies along the lines of "programmers should only work with a view of source code, not the source itself".
October 18, 2005,  3 comments
The Lua programming language is an extension programming language, which holds special interest to me and anyone who is implementing any kind of interpreter.
October 16, 2005,  11 comments
I want Heron control structures to be defined as macros. It should be easy for a programmer to introduce a do/while loop or a better for statement. One of the principal motivations, is that the programmer should be able to specialize these things for specific types, or meta-types.
October 10, 2005,  47 comments
The design of Heron is more inspired by the problems faced by library developers than software developers.
October 6, 2005,  4 comments
I am exploring the possibility of defining macros as patterns and transformation applied to an s-expression representation of the syntax. Maybe this is the path to writing a fully extendible language?
October 2, 2005,  35 comments
Macros are a frequently overlooked yet tremendously useful language feature. What if we give them a more modern twist?
September 30, 2005,  30 comments
Closures are extremely useful, no question, but they are hard to implement efficiently. I am considering implementing them in Heron but with auto-destruction semantics.
September 29, 2005,  31 comments
Guy says: "Essentially, programmers shouldn't have to worry too much about optimizing while they're writing programs. Instead, that optimization can be done by compilers, either ahead of time or on the fly.", but I disagree.
September 27, 2005,  22 comments
The latest HeronScript does type-casting backwards.
September 24, 2005,  15 comments
Every once in a while I come up with a good idea for Heron, and then inevitably Vesa Karvonen tells me that it existed in ML since the dawn of time. Maybe this time will be different?
September 23, 2005,  3 comments
The trend towards microparsing in XML specifications, is killing the spirt of XML.
13 pages [ 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 ]
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