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A Weblog by Eric Armstrong
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February 5, 2011,  Submit comment
Feb 14-16, IBM's "Watson" is going to be playing Jeopardy.
September 23, 2010,  11 comments
Dick Wall's talk turns out to be a treasure trove of useful tidbits, and a great introduction to Scala that whets my appetite, big time.
September 23, 2010,  47 comments
An overview of upcoming features in Java.
September 23, 2010,  Submit comment
A few weeks ago, I wondered if generics were going to be the death of Java. But today, I began to wonder if Oracle might just manage to do it in a lot more quickly.
September 23, 2010,  Submit comment
This umbrella article encompasses newsworthy items gleaned from the show, with pointers to the content pieces.
July 22, 2010,  62 comments
In which I argue that (a) Generics have done egregious harm to both the elegance and readability of the Java language and, (b) they prove by example that static type checking is a linguistic dead-end. Are you persuaded? Do you agree? Read on...
June 8, 2010,  51 comments
I just read a good introduction to what is arguably the most important part of the agile development process, when it comes to quality. It does a good job of explaining that the real goal is not to “test” your code after you write it, but rather to create a “runnable specification” before you write it.
January 26, 2009,  Submit comment
After being let go from Sun, I find that I can no longer get group messages, I can't connect to change my profile, and I can't contact them for help. In a word, I'm hosed. This post was the only remaining way to (hopefully) reach them.
May 10, 2008,  Submit comment
A collection of miscellaneous observations and my "Best Of" awards.
May 9, 2008,  Submit comment
Yesterday's post was about "why". Today's is about "how".
May 8, 2008,  Submit comment
Why you want Rails for your web app, why you want JRuby on Rails for deployment, and why you want NetBeans for Rails development.
May 7, 2008,  Submit comment
The need for a "Conference 2.0" format and a collection of JRuby notes.
May 6, 2008,  Submit comment
A better hotel, collaboration tools, and development tools.
May 5, 2008,  Submit comment
Sun provides a good opportunity for non-profits to network with prospective developers, and a hotel horror story.
January 21, 2008,  29 comments
In both Ruby and DITA, domain specific languages make elegance possible. More importantly, each is producing an ecosystem of domain specific languages (aka "power tools") that is making it more powerful as time goes on.
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