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September 23, 2006,  6 comments
The Polyform Puzzler project was begun to scratch an old itch. After a long delay, the project was finally launched and is now maturing nicely. Interested parties are welcome to join in!
September 20, 2006,  9 comments
The latest book to be published in the "For Dummies" series covers Python. I'm proud to have played a small part in its production.
March 25, 2006,  3 comments
The first in a series of articles about PyCon TX 2006, which marks my first blog entry in quite a while.
April 25, 2004,  1 comment
A refactoring exercise tickles an old memory and triggers a new connection
April 2, 2004,  Submit comment
A narrative account of my week at PyCon in Washington DC
April 2, 2004,  Submit comment
And how you can become one, too... or discover that you already are
2 pages [ 1 2 ]
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