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Software and Return on Investment
A Weblog by Gregg Wonderly
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December 30, 2004,  Submit comment
The LogManager implementation in J2SE has some issues with dynamic logging configuration. I've implemented a Jini service that provides remote configuration control plus some other capabilities.
December 30, 2004,  Submit comment
When you look at the complexity of web services configuration, the extent of tool involvement and the plethora of standards that are being created to solve the ever growing list of shortcommings, it is a wonder that anyone is making progress. Jini has already solved these problems!
May 19, 2004,  1 comment
Recently, while working with a partner to integrate their software into our Jini infrastructure, I employeed a simple pattern which I have used many times.
May 1, 2004,  Submit comment
There are a lot of people asking what does Jini provide that J2EE doesn't. There are people who would like better information on where to start with Jini. Here's some information about how one might invest time and effort with learning and using Jini.
April 19, 2004,  21 comments
I had a conversation with my brother about Jini technologies. He got the difference in thinking, do you?
January 12, 2004,  16 comments
I've blogged here before about how I'm a Java convert, never going back. Some recent comments by Frank Sommer about developing idioms in prgramming solutions sparked some other thoughts that I've had about this whole "Let's write a new programming language" party scene.
September 25, 2003,  19 comments
I've noticed a lot of wrong statements about how java source files must be in a directory tree mirroring the package name. In fact, eclipse gets it wrong, and the developers refuse to fix it!
September 23, 2003,  7 comments
I have put together several blogs over the past several months since JavaOne. I have neglected to post these here, but will now. There is some disjoint discussion in these. Hopefully I've made my thoughts visible...
September 23, 2003,  Submit comment
I started working on this text several months ago after attending JavaOne. I originally had many disjoint topics wound into this, and tried to separate them into some other blogs. Hopefully you can make sense of the text here.
September 23, 2003,  11 comments
Are you tired of new Languages... Yet?
April 7, 2003,  Submit comment
The JMX API was long in coming, and to date, it is still a long way from 'here'...
April 7, 2003,  Submit comment
Back on Aug 8th, 1988, I started my first day at the AT&T Bell labs facilities in Naperville IL. When you first walk into a really large facility like that, you are overwhelmed by the size. There were so many people there, and so many things going on, like...
April 7, 2003,  Submit comment
When I first saw UNIX, it was V7 UNIX on a Perkin Elmer 3230 at Oklahoma State University. I had been reprimanded for using the class account for research, and was given an account on the department research machine so that I wouldn't cause the account to run dry again.
April 7, 2003,  Submit comment
Everything we do is an investment in time, money, brain space and the like. When we choose a particular API or platform to write software in/on, we are investing time, brain space and most likely money to learn or fight with the issues of that platform.
2 pages [ 1 2 ]
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