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A Weblog by Guido van van Rossum
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July 28, 2007,  18 comments
Some questions that people often ask about Python 3000 (and answers). (First in a series of posts.)
July 25, 2007,  5 comments
A quick comment on an off-the-cuff remark by Tim O'Reilly
June 19, 2007,  47 comments
Here's a long-awaited update on where the Python 3000 project stands. We're looking at a modest two months of schedule slip, and many exciting new features. I'll be presenting this in person several times over the next two months.
February 28, 2007,  11 comments
My impressions of the Python Conference 2007 in Dallas, Texas, written up on the plane home while it was still fresh in my mind.
February 26, 2007,  7 comments
Video and powerpoint slides of my recent Python 3000 talks are now online.
January 9, 2007,  1 comment
Early bird registration ends January 15.
August 25, 2006,  1 comment
This week, a number of Python developers (core and otherwise) and some Googlers got together in Mountain View and New York for a four-day Python and Python-3000 (Py3k) development sprint. Here's what we've done.
August 14, 2006,  7 comments
Python is now an approved language in Google's yearly Code Jam coding contest.
July 5, 2006,  14 comments
Two days ago, Alan Kay gave a very inspiring keynote here at EuroPython. I can't possibly do it justice but I want to describe it anyway.
June 23, 2006,  3 comments
Consider this a set of shameless self-promotional plugs: the Python 3000 travels around the world, and my Python blog is being translated into Chinese!
June 14, 2006,  5 comments
I couldn't find a thorough spec for the format called "unified diff" so I decided to research it. Here are my findings.
May 23, 2006,  54 comments
How long have you used Python? 10 years or longer? Please tell us how you first heard of the language, how you first used it, and how you helped develop it (if you did). More recent reminiscences are welcome too!
May 4, 2006,  4 comments
Another plug for Django.
April 28, 2006,  8 comments
Hopefully this isn't as controversial as adding setuptools. :-) Comments to python-dev and/or web-sig at python dot org, please.
April 20, 2006,  2 comments
Yesterday I gave a talk on Python 3000 at the ACCU 2006 conference in Oxford. The slides are now online.
5 pages [ 1 2 3 4 5 ]
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