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Let's Reconsider That
A Weblog by Michael Feathers
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November 9, 2004,  1 comment
Many people in our industry have wanted to prove programs correct for years, but is that a correct goal?
August 26, 2004,  4 comments
Have you heard about FIT yet? Even if you have, do you know what makes it signficantly different from other testing frameworks? Here is a re-introduction to FIT that highlights one of its most important features.
April 6, 2004,  11 comments
There are an incredible number of programming languages out there. What would it be like if we had a few with features that really supported testing?
April 2, 2004,  25 comments
I don't care how good you think your design is. If I can't walk in and write a test for an arbitrary method of yours in five minutes its not as good as you think it is, and whether you know it or not, you're paying a price for it.
September 23, 2003,  7 comments
I've been troubled by some recent discussions about C# and Java language features. Most people in the discussions seem to lean towards making methods non-virtual by default. Let's reconsider that.
August 23, 2003,  18 comments
The industry needs refactoring tools for C++. Now.
July 31, 2003,  15 comments
Ever download a framework and feel overwhelmed? Maybe there is a way around that.
3 pages [ 1 2 3 ]
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