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by Bill Venners, October 7, 2010,  Submit comment
Artima has published its second book, Flex 4 Fun by Chet Haase. This book covers the graphics and animation parts of Flex 4: the fun stuff! Along the way it gives many insights and tips on how to use graphics and animation to create better users experiences.
by Bruce Eckel, October 6, 2010,  1 comment
Read Douglas Rushkoff's "Why I Left My Publisher in Order to Publish a Book" first.
by Andy Dent, September 25, 2010,  6 comments
Komodo IDE version 6 radically changed the design of one of the key aspects of what makes it an IDE, not just an editor - Projects. There have been a lot of unhappy comments from the user community. How much consultation should a company provide?
by Eric Armstrong, September 23, 2010,  11 comments
Dick Wall's talk turns out to be a treasure trove of useful tidbits, and a great introduction to Scala that whets my appetite, big time.
by Eric Armstrong, September 23, 2010,  47 comments
An overview of upcoming features in Java.
by Eric Armstrong, September 23, 2010,  Submit comment
A few weeks ago, I wondered if generics were going to be the death of Java. But today, I began to wonder if Oracle might just manage to do it in a lot more quickly.
by Eric Armstrong, September 23, 2010,  Submit comment
This umbrella article encompasses newsworthy items gleaned from the show, with pointers to the content pieces.
by Arash Barirani, September 15, 2010,  Submit comment
JavaOne is coming up in September and I am thinking about my to-know-more-about list. I am thinking JavaFX, Executors, and performance tuning applications and tools. Somewhere in between I have to make time to lookup friends and connect with fellow programmers. I am also curious to see what's up now that Sun is Oracle.
by Michele Simionato, September 4, 2010,  Submit comment
plac is much more than a command-line arguments parser. You can use it to implement interactive interpreters (both on a local machine on a remote server) as well as batch interpreters. It features a doctest-like mode, the ability to launch commands in parallel, and more. And it is easy to use too!
by Bruce Eckel, August 16, 2010,  39 comments
It's been taking forever to open-source Java. Oracle's lawsuit with Google makes me wonder if it's ever going to happen.
by Michele Simionato, July 26, 2010,  15 comments
Removing the hype around the multicore (non) revolution and some (hopefully) sensible comment about threads ad other forms of concurrency.
by Eric Armstrong, July 22, 2010,  62 comments
In which I argue that (a) Generics have done egregious harm to both the elegance and readability of the Java language and, (b) they prove by example that static type checking is a linguistic dead-end. Are you persuaded? Do you agree? Read on...
by Jeremy Meyer, June 26, 2010,  17 comments
A closer look at how Groovy builders help with creational code in complex API's, using the Java3d API as a fun example.
by Bruce Eckel, June 15, 2010,  7 comments
Is there a service that allows a group of people to post recommended articles? Google reader allows only one person to do this.
by Eric Armstrong, June 8, 2010,  51 comments
I just read a good introduction to what is arguably the most important part of the agile development process, when it comes to quality. It does a good job of explaining that the real goal is not to “test” your code after you write it, but rather to create a “runnable specification” before you write it.
89 pages [ 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 ]
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