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June 20, 2006,  22 comments
Like so many of the "this will solve all your problems" technologies of the past, CORBA came riding in on the usual fanfare of "yes, finally, this is really the one!"
June 16, 2006,  2 comments
The "Thinking in Java" conference was kind of a bust, sign-up wise. And I think I know why.
June 14, 2006,  7 comments
I came across a web site that had tried to be a magazine and was clearly having trouble. I think all attempts to simply transfer the magazine format to a web site haven't worked as expected.
June 9, 2006,  Submit comment
As a followup to "Simplifying XML Manipulation", here is the Fedex Rate Requester that motivated me to make xmlnode in the first place. Because xmlnode got the XML-creation code noise out of the way, I was able to bash this together very quickly.
June 9, 2006,  10 comments
I've been having some good collaboration experiences lately with a coauthor in another state, working on a book project together.
June 7, 2006,  29 comments
Every time someone creates a new XML-based language, God (performs some unspeakable act).
May 30, 2006,  26 comments
Sometimes it seems that the true value of something in our business is inversely proportional to the hype. When programmers come up with a good idea, they don't seem very good at hyping it.
May 4, 2006,  5 comments
This is a series of interviews that I did a few years back, before podcasting became commonplace. My original intent was to turn them into a CD, but I had a few release issues and it got put on the back burner and forgotten for awhile.
April 16, 2006,  8 comments
For some time now, my intuition has been telling me that the Twisted Matrix is something that would be good to understand. Maybe it's just from seeing the kind of energy that the Twisted guys exhibit at Python conferences.
April 13, 2006,  15 comments
A client has expressed interest in using the cross-platform Qt GUI library, in particular with the PyQt bindings, so I began exploring it and the tools that are available, including BlackAdder, which is recommended in the book "GUI Programming with Python: Using the Qt Toolkit" by Boudewijn Rempt.
April 11, 2006,  5 comments
I've made some modifications to simplify and improve usability. This is also delivered by a single-click fast server. This will be the final version unless bugs are discovered.
April 8, 2006,  10 comments
(Closed) See Beta 3.
April 6, 2006,  Submit comment
Registration for this Open Space conference is now open.
March 28, 2006,  16 comments
(Closed) See Beta3.
March 28, 2006,  6 comments
I'm now ready to beta test the "Thinking in C: Foundations for Java and C++" e-seminar, but I need a place that can handle the downloads.
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