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A Weblog by Matthew Wilson
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April 21, 2005,  1 comment
Do computing companies these days need to give good service? I think they should, I cling to the belief that they might, and I'm quite sure they must if they want my money. (Warning: this post may disabuse any readers who think that the English don't know how to complain!)
April 19, 2005,  5 comments
Do all C++ applications need to perform overload of operators new and delete? Does failure to do so indicate a naïve presumption on the part of the programmer of goodness in the language facilities provided by your compiler?
April 18, 2005,  13 comments
(With apologies to Smiths fans) I've been using a technique I call Memory Parachutes for some time. I'm interested in (i) whether I've stolen the technique (& name) from someone else and forgotten, and (ii) what people think of it. It's a simple strategy to increase the chances of a safe-bail-out from low memory conditions
April 16, 2005,  6 comments
A light-hearted look at the similarities between the characteristics of Software Engineer and Cyclists
April 10, 2005,  38 comments
C++ is too complex? Or just super-powerful? Or a confusing mix of both truths, not amenable to being tied down and categorised? There's an elephant wandering round the living room, and it's time someone offered it a chair. (Or a bun.)
April 10, 2005,  Submit comment
Just an introduction to the blog and its author. Interests, approaches, current and future work, etc.
2 pages [ 1 2 ]
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