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Indeterminate Heuristics
A Weblog by Dale Asberry
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April 8, 2004,  Submit comment
Jini's protocol agnosticism makes integrating Jini with Web Services a no-brainer.
April 6, 2004,  2 comments
An aside to some interesting observations I've made.
April 5, 2004,  12 comments
Elaboration of the seven principles contributing to my success - the Princples of: Enabling Others, Simplicity, No Complaining, Least Work, Least Surprise, Least Damage, and "It Just Works".
April 2, 2004,  8 comments
At the 7th Annual Jini Community Meeting, one of the discussions was about the fact that Sun did not have a version of the Jini Starter Kit in a publicly visible CVS tree.
March 30, 2004,  2 comments
The ability to abstract "the network" away from clients is one of Jini's most powerful features. A discussion at JCM7 has led me to realize that this power potentially has significant consequences when it comes to licensing - completely external to the issues surrounding the SCSL.
March 30, 2004,  Submit comment
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