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Heron-Centric: Ruminations of a Language Designer
A Weblog by Christopher Diggins
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February 14, 2006,  2 comments
My old programming language project, Unimperative, has been reborn as a "concatenative" programming language in the tradition of Joy.
February 13, 2006,  25 comments
Part of the problem of not specifying what an object depends on, is that its dependencies can violate its invariants. This results in a program that Brian Shearing calls the "Calls-Out-The-Back" problem.
February 10, 2006,  15 comments
Okay Joy has more than two problems, but two problems really stick out.
February 9, 2006,  46 comments
A colleague of mine, Peter Grogono, brought to my attention recently the overlooked backside of interfaces.
February 4, 2006,  11 comments
I have recently discovered the somewhat unknown and understated language, Joy. A pure functional language, without lambda operations!
February 2, 2006,  10 comments
In of itself not that exciting, but it can enable some interesting paradigms.
January 27, 2006,  23 comments
In a recent discussion Kresimir Cosic said the following thing to me: "I think that subtyping a-posteriori is great.". When thinking about case classes ala Scala (which I believe was inspired by Haskell), I couldn't help but wonder, why not have case classes a-posteriori?
January 25, 2006,  18 comments
Good question. Here is a brief summary of where I'm at and where I'm thinking of going.
January 24, 2006,  1 comment
I've just uploaded the latest Heron version which now supports classes, structs and delegations
January 21, 2006,  4 comments
For the umpteenth time I am changing my name about how to name traits/interfaces in Heron.
January 18, 2006,  41 comments
I don't know any language which is so perverse as to do such a thing, but I want to throw it out there as an idea to torment people.
January 14, 2006,  36 comments
So am I actually doing anything?
January 13, 2006,  35 comments
I thought I would share my latest attempt at writing a white paper describing the implicit behavioral subtyping mechanism I am using for the current Heron prototype (yes you can download it at ). Any comments would be appreciated.
January 2, 2006,  17 comments
The latest HeronFront prototype now provides traits which support structural subtyping (duck typing), and behavioral subtyping. This extensions should prove very interesting to people who are interested in agile programming methodologies, and programming with contracts.
December 31, 2005,  5 comments
I made a mistake in my latest Agile C++ article for C++ Users Journal, and I want to retract it.
13 pages [ 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 ]
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