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Heron-Centric: Ruminations of a Language Designer
A Weblog by Christopher Diggins
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December 29, 2005,  21 comments
I was working on specifying separate mixin and interface types, when I remembered Scala Traits / Ruby Modules.
December 28, 2005,  52 comments
I believe interfaces are important enough to warrant a categorization of IOPL's (Interface Oriented Programming Languages). Here's my attempt to describe them.
November 29, 2005,  3 comments
I have just released a new version of the OOTL which contains a VList based implementation of a stack data-type and a hash table data-type.
November 24, 2005,  40 comments
From Wikipedia: "Hash tables are not persistent data structures, in the sense that there is no simple space-efficient way to update a hash table while retaining access to the previous copy of the hash table.". This is false, and Wikipedia should know why.
November 18, 2005,  Submit comment
The growable array I posted about two days ago has evolved into a full-featured stack template class with more features, more tests, better performance and contract verification.
November 16, 2005,  18 comments
I have just developed a growable array class as part of the OOTL, which outperforms std::vector on calls to push_back() by a factor of 2.5 on my installation of GCC.
November 15, 2005,  9 comments
The C++ Cookbook, which I cowrote with Ryan Stephens, Jonathan Turkanis, and Jeff Cogswell, is now for sale at and other book sellers.
November 14, 2005,  3 comments
The Iterable concept is an extremely abstract way to treat a collection functionally, without worrying about indexers or iterators.
November 11, 2005,  2 comments
Ostream iterators are a handy but under-utilized tool for using the STL to output containers and ranges. Here I provide an alternative, which has a more pleasing syntax.
November 10, 2005,  16 comments
In the STL there exist numerous concepts such as Random Access Containers, and Back Insertion Sequences. Boost has introduced several improved Range concepts. I've got a new one for the list, the Iterable concept.
November 8, 2005,  2 comments
I have come up with a first specification of OsXml, an XML schema for publishing and distributing Open-Source code.
November 7, 2005,  7 comments
Wouldn't it be nice if there existed a standard for XML when you don't need the whole thing? I propose a strict subset of XML called XML minus minus (XML--).
November 5, 2005,  27 comments
A concept is a description of a type, including functions signatures, preconditions, postconditions, invariants, and member types. In C++ it is an abstract idea, but in the next Heron it will exist as a construct. There is one small problem with the syntax when writing function signatures which use concepts.
November 4, 2005,  13 comments
An enormous amount of data can be conveniently represented as a labelled tree. This is the basis of many markup languages such as SGML, XML, HTML, and others. Herein I propose an alternative, Labelled S-Expressions and provide code for a working parser in C++.
November 2, 2005,  25 comments
I have devised a simple mark-up scheme for my own purposes which is much simpler than XML.
13 pages [ 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 ]
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