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April 18, 2008,  Submit comment
I'll be speaking Wednesday, April 23 on the subject of "hybrid programming." All may attend.
April 16, 2008,  54 comments
A business owner at a workshop I held made the very disturbing comment that he thought that 70% of programmers were "rowing backward," doing things that you had to fix in order to keep the boat moving in the forward direction.
March 29, 2008,  70 comments
I just came across Steve Yegge's "Execution in the Kingdom of Nouns," which (might) provide much of the explanation for why Java programs always seem to end up being excessively verbose.
March 25, 2008,  4 comments
Wired Magazine, April 2008, page 44. Expired: ASP.NET, Tired: PHP, Wired: Django.
March 18, 2008,  4 comments
One of my main objectives at Pycon 2008 was to hear about experiences regarding existing tools for parallelizing Python programs, and also to find out more about mathematical programming with Python.
March 11, 2008,  4 comments
This is a free sample of a book that I have been working on with my coauthor Jamie King. As of March 2008, the full book is not yet available. However, this sample covers C# 3.0 fundamentals, and provides a full grounding in C# 3.0 Query Expressions.
February 4, 2008,  19 comments
I read somewhere that over half of acquisitions fail. I think the percentage might be much higher than half.
January 29, 2008,  4 comments
How do you balance the needs of all the parties involved in a conference, or in any event where people are traveling to be in one place?
January 24, 2008,  1 comment
This is the best way to get a head start on the new language features, especially LINQ.
January 3, 2008,  92 comments
This sounds bad, but it needs to happen if Java is to ultimately stay in the mainstream. That is, if feature accretion hasn't already irreparably damaged the language.
December 28, 2007,  29 comments
In November, I gave the commencement address for Neumont University, a school in Salt Lake City dedicated to teaching computer science where my coauthor lectures. This is that speech.
December 25, 2007,  28 comments
Over a year ago, I bought a new computer. This was a carefully considered decision, as I don't change computers that often and so try to get something I will be satisfied with for as long as possible.
December 19, 2007,  4 comments
You can listen to most of the 2007 sessions on the Javaposse site to get an idea of how fun and engaging the conversations were. We expect more people this time, maybe even a sellout.
December 18, 2007,  Submit comment
The RIA Jam will explore (directly) Flex and Silverlight, and (indirectly, since it's not ready yet) JavaFX. The Flex-TurboGears Jam will use Flex on the front end and TurboGears on the server. For either you can choose to only drill down on a particular technology.
December 16, 2007,  Submit comment
I created and ran both the C++ and Java tracks at the Software Development Conference for many years, and have spoken at numerous other conferences. Since discovering Open Spaces, my interest in "eyes-forward" conferences has waned.
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