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All Things Pythonic
A Weblog by Guido van van Rossum
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April 20, 2006,  Submit comment
Please spread the word -- Google is giving away money to students for writing open source Python code! I'm simply repeating Neal Norwitz' post here.
April 13, 2006,  2 comments
Here's a pointer to Kirby Urner's blog on the workshop I'm participating in today and tomorrow.
April 7, 2006,  12 comments
I've checked an implementation of dynamic function overloading into Python's subversion sandbox.
April 5, 2006,  23 comments
We've started discussing Python 3000 for real. There's a new mailing list and a branch. The first point of order is about process; a slew of meta-PEPs are being written (and the goal is to avoid a repeat of Perl 6 :-). But I'm blogging about a feature proposal that evolved dramatically over the past days.
March 15, 2006,  33 comments
A quick observation on the difference between libraries and frameworks.
March 2, 2006,  117 comments
I'm reposting without comments a plea for more Python marketing by John Sirbu.
February 14, 2006,  10 comments
Nokia gave me a phone to run Python. I wish I could blog all night about it! The phone is great, but the really cool part is how much effort Nokia has put in opening up the functionality to Python programmers! A tip of the iceberg.
February 10, 2006,  27 comments
An incident on python-dev today made me appreciate (again) that there's more to language design than puzzle-solving. A ramble on the nature of Pythonicity, culminating in a comparison of language design to user interface design.
January 31, 2006,  11 comments
And now for something completely different... Nokia has released the source code for its Python port to the S60 high-end phone platform as open source. Yay Nokia! I'm using this blog entry also to plug (again!) the art project MobiLenin by J├╝rgen Scheible.
January 31, 2006,  59 comments
The XML crowd don't seem to get it. I don't *want* to use XML in my templates. Now can they leave me alone and stop telling me that I want XML?
January 31, 2006,  86 comments
I finally got some time to play with Cheetah and Django templates. After maybe an hour with each, I like Django best. Hopefully people are still watching this space...
January 30, 2006,  33 comments
This is an interim response to the discussion that followed my previous web frameworks blog. I need to do much more research, but I have some quick thoughts.
January 27, 2006,  104 comments
Google makes me think about lots of stuff. Today I'm thinking about the state of web frameworks.
January 10, 2006,  14 comments
A rambling discourse touching on my new job, the prospects for PyCon, and what's hot in python-dev.
December 14, 2005,  5 comments
Python used in Finnish art installation.
5 pages [ 1 2 3 4 5 ]
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