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by Bruce Eckel, November 22, 2008,  16 comments
Floyd Marinescu asked me to organize an open-spaces session at the QCon Conference in San Francisco. I learned interesting things at both open spaces and regular sessions.
by Bruce Eckel, November 13, 2008,  2 comments
We recently moved "Python 3 Patterns & Idioms" from Launchpad to BitBucket. Here's why.
by Michele Simionato, November 11, 2008,  3 comments
In this episode I will discuss the multiple evaluation issue, then I will show how macros can improve performance. Finally, I will give a practical example of how macros can be used to define a unit test framework.
by Bruce Eckel, November 7, 2008,  18 comments
A useful collection of observations about our profession.
by Bruce Eckel, November 6, 2008,  2 comments
Mark March 2-6 on your calendar.
by Frank Sommers, November 6, 2008,  34 comments
Sun's focus on JavaFX has resulted in less progress on improving Swing development productivity. Has the shift of focus to JavaFX from Swing hurt the cause of client-side Java?
by Michele Simionato, November 1, 2008,  5 comments
Yet another episode fully devoted to macros. I will discuss introspection, guarded patterns, literal identifiers, and a couple of common beginner's mistakes.
by Michele Simionato, October 31, 2008,  6 comments
This episode is entirely devoted to Scheme macros from a personal point of view. Pattern matching is introduced as the fundamental mechanism on which macros are built.
by Andy Dent, October 27, 2008,  30 comments
Trying to do some simple file processing and strip blank lines, Andy stumbles through the "Ruby is supposed to feel natural" approach and just tries things. The conclusion - Python list comprehensions are still more flexible and powerful than any Ruby feature and inject is possibly the most misleadingly named function I've ever encountered.
by Bruce Eckel, October 26, 2008,  19 comments
Most build systems start out with dependencies, then realize they need language features and eventually discover they should have started with language design.
by Michele Simionato, October 25, 2008,  11 comments
In this episode I will explain the meaning of the "code is data" concept. To this aim I will discuss the quoting operation which allows to convert a code fragment into a list of symbols and primitive values - i.e. converts code into data. Then, I will discuss the issue of evaluating data as code.
by Bruce Eckel, October 23, 2008,  15 comments
Headhunters are like travel agents, except that it's taking the web longer to make them go away.
by Guido van van Rossum, October 22, 2008,  4 comments
It's been a good run, but the WYSIWIG editing facilities of Blogger have lured me away from Artima.
by Michele Simionato, October 21, 2008,  18 comments
In this installment I pave the way to the heart of Lisp, i.e. to the famous *code is data* concept. In order to do that, I will have to introduce two fundamental data types first: symbols and lists.
by Michele Simionato, October 20, 2008,  2 comments
Recently I have received a wonderful EeePC as a wedding present and I am very happy with it.
89 pages [ 1 ... 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20 21 22 23 ]
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