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by Arash Barirani, May 8, 2008,  5 comments
I got to JavaOne late this year, but still was able to see some old friends, and do some catching up over dinner. JavaOne has become a social call and a community refresher for me as much as it has been a trade show that offers one the latest trends and news.
by Eric Armstrong, May 7, 2008,  Submit comment
The need for a "Conference 2.0" format and a collection of JRuby notes.
by Eric Armstrong, May 6, 2008,  Submit comment
A better hotel, collaboration tools, and development tools.
by David Goodger, May 6, 2008,  11 comments
It's great that Google is moving to Unicode 5.1 and that UTF-8 is so popular, but I wish they'd get their terms straight!
by Eric Armstrong, May 5, 2008,  Submit comment
Sun provides a good opportunity for non-profits to network with prospective developers, and a hotel horror story.
by Bruce Eckel, May 3, 2008,  10 comments
An example of parallel programming using all the CPUs on your computer or cluster. Also shows how to add a Flex user interface.
by Rick Kitts, May 1, 2008,  1 comment
I'm leaving my company and heading back out on my own and that means I can talk again.
by Frank Sommers, April 30, 2008,  5 comments
A year after its official debut, Apple's Java 6 implementation is now available for Intel-based Macs. Was it worth the wait?
by Matthew Wilson, April 26, 2008,  4 comments
A few days ago I was in the office of one of my clients, talking to the dev guys about Pantheios (what else?!), and they were asking why I do open-source. The resulting discussion was quite illuminating, not least to me, so I thought it might be useful to discuss it here and see why other people do it.
by Matthew Wilson, April 25, 2008,  6 comments
After having spent the last 15 frustrating months of too-successful consulting that has stolen all my time for writing and most of my time for researching/open-source development, something's got to give! Is blogging the answer to my quandary?
by Frank Sommers, April 22, 2008,  27 comments
Functional programming languages are enjoying a renaissance. Even if not intending to use a functional language for daily work, learning such a language can improve one's programming style.
by Bruce Eckel, April 18, 2008,  Submit comment
I'll be speaking Wednesday, April 23 on the subject of "hybrid programming." All may attend.
by Bruce Eckel, April 16, 2008,  54 comments
A business owner at a workshop I held made the very disturbing comment that he thought that 70% of programmers were "rowing backward," doing things that you had to fix in order to keep the boat moving in the forward direction.
by David Goodger, April 13, 2008,  Submit comment
Video of my February 7 talk at the Montreal Python users group meeting is now up on the web. It was a lot of fun, and the group seemed to enjoy it too.
by Nancy Nicolaisen, April 8, 2008,  Submit comment
For entrepreneurial software developers weighing the risks and benefits inherent in the mobile market, getting product to the customer is a key concern. It's clear you won't get much help from carriers, who seem to be convinced that software is just something they give away in order to help sell phone plans. That's the bad news.
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