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by Eric Armstrong, September 18, 2007,  2 comments
I put several pieces of information together and experimented to fill in the missing bits. When I was done, I had a program that implemented Java interfaces and accessed external classes, as well as core classes.
by Bruce Eckel, September 16, 2007,  32 comments
Continuing the discussion of the GIL and parallel programming in Python.
by Bruce Eckel, September 13, 2007,  21 comments
Guido van Rossum published a reply to my article "Python 3K or Python 2.9."
by Bruce Eckel, September 13, 2007,  15 comments
I seem to visit more and more sites where the pages don't render right, to the point of being unreadable and unusable. And they're trying to sell me something! Why is this happening?
by Bruce Eckel, September 13, 2007,  2 comments
I was recently quoted in an article, and need to correct and attribute the idea.
by Guido van van Rossum, September 11, 2007,  32 comments
Bruce Eckel blogged about "Python 3K or Python 2.9?". A lively discussion ensued. Here's my response.
by Bruce Eckel, September 11, 2007,  16 comments
My previous post led me to this library, which appears to solve the coarse-grained parallelism problem quite elegantly.
by Guido van van Rossum, September 10, 2007,  54 comments
A response to a blog post by Juergen Brendel pleading for the removal of the GIL.
by Guido van van Rossum, September 9, 2007,  8 comments
I gave my wife a new phone for her birthday. But it was not recognized by iSync (I guess the phone is too new). I found a hint on an Italian bulletin board which I a am copying now.
by Bruce Eckel, September 8, 2007,  62 comments
I'm glad to see the first beta of the so-called Python 3000. But for a version that's supposed to break all the rules to become better, I'm not seeing what I think is most important.
by Guido van van Rossum, August 31, 2007,  11 comments
The first Python 3000 release is out -- Python 3.0a1. Be the first one on your block to download it!
by Guido van van Rossum, August 31, 2007,  Submit comment
Lesley Hawthorn wrote a brief summary of the activities at the Python Sprint at Google last week.
by Frank Sommers, August 29, 2007,  3 comments
Much discussion on rich-client user interfaces and Ajax focuses on the client. Yet, the most fundamental design decision for a rich-client application involves the interaction between client and server, with potentially far-reaching impact on an application's overall architecture.
by Bruce Eckel, August 27, 2007,  2 comments
Some people have told me I'm a brilliant marketer. Eventually I realized that I just stumbled into pieces of good luck a couple of times.
by Bruce Eckel, August 27, 2007,  34 comments
In Java Posse #136, the Posse discusses the Google Singleton Detector which automatically discovers singletons in your code and they all agree that singletons are a bad idea.
89 pages [ 1 ... 24 25 26 27 28 29 30 31 32 33 34 ]
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