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by Ian Robertson, September 23, 2011,  13 comments
My thoughts on the battle between dynamic languages and those with Turing complete type systems after attending StrangeLoop.
by Bruce Eckel, September 21, 2011,  4 comments
In my article on JavaScript, I observed that we need a new language that generates good and safe JavaScript, so that you no longer have to think about either JavaScript issues or cross-browser problems. Little did I know that the solution(s) had already appeared in the form of JQuery and CoffeeScript.
by Bruce Eckel, September 5, 2011,  2 comments
The feedback from my previous article has been very helpful, and it has raised more questions about RPC technology. I've also included notes about converting Python libraries from Python 2 to Python 3.
by Bruce Eckel, August 27, 2011,  8 comments
Although it's often uncomfortable, I think the best approach to learning a new language or technology is just to grab your nose and jump feet-first into the hole in the ice.
by Bruce Eckel, August 6, 2011,  64 comments
One of the things I've loved about Python is that it was built as a community from the beginning. Language design decisions are genuinely discussed and struggled with as a community. But with Java, I've always felt like the adults were telling me what to think.
by Bruce Eckel, August 4, 2011,  5 comments
In his 17-minute keynote at O'Reilly OSCON Java 2011, Martin Odersky gives one of the more succinct and clear explanations I've seen on why shared-memory concurrency is virtually impossible to get right.
by Christopher Diggins, July 24, 2011,  26 comments
Over the years I have found that following a relatively small number of fundamental guiding principles has helped me become a much more effective programmer.
by Bruce Eckel, July 22, 2011,  11 comments
James is in Crested Butte for the month because his wife is doing a medical residency rotation here. This morning we had a couple of epiphanies over coffee.
by Bruce Eckel, July 15, 2011,  29 comments
It appears we are stuck with JavaScript, at least in the near-to-mid term. Although the language is an abomination, some things are getting better. I discovered a couple of great lectures and a book that might change your perspective (a little) about the language.
by Bruce Eckel, June 12, 2011,  31 comments
The highest complement you can deliver in the Python world is to say that something is "Pythonic" -- that it feels and fits into the Python way of thinking. I never imagined that a static language could feel this way, but Scala does -- and possibly even better.
by Bill Venners, June 5, 2011,  Submit comment
Today I released a candidate for the next version of ScalaTest for Scala 2.9.0, ScalaTest 1.6.1.RC1. This release includes all the enhancements of ScalaTest 1.5, plus one new trait, BeforeAndAfter, a few deprecations, and improved documentation.
by Bruce Eckel, May 19, 2011,  1 comment
A new event takes place this July in the mountains of Colorado: we decided to call it "Programming Summer Camp" because we're emphasizing outdoor activities in the morning, and programming activities in the afternoon (when the thunderstorms usually happen).
by Bill Venners, May 6, 2011,  12 comments
The ScalaTest Shell is a new DSL coming in ScalaTest 1.5 that aims to make ScalaTest easier to use from the Scala interpreter. This post gives preview.
by Bill Venners, April 25, 2011,  Submit comment
Today I released a new ScalaTest-1.5 snapshot release that contains several enhancements, including formatted output for TDD-style traits, indented output for nested style traits, and two new style traits, PropSpec and FreeSpec.
by Bruce Eckel, April 17, 2011,  3 comments
I waited extra-long before making the move to Windows 7, because I had such a terrible time with Vista. But my brother -- who installs and maintains computers and whom I rely upon to know what's good -- said it was worth upgrading.
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