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Angle Brackets and Curly Braces
A Weblog by Bill Venners
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June 22, 2004,  3 comments
Artima has launched The C++ Source, the premier online journal for the C++ community. Edited by Chuck Allison, this magazine will publish technical feature articles, tutorials, and commentary for C++ programmers.
April 22, 2004,  Submit comment
Artima Interest Groups is a free service that allows communities to keep informed and discuss issues. Each interest group is essentially a news feed that serves a specific community. If you would like to serve as a moderator for an interest group for your own community, send us an email.
January 21, 2004,  6 comments
Although still serving archived articles, JavaWorld has stopped publishing new content. It has been a great resource for the Java community, and a lot of fun to be a part of. It deserves some applause.
August 1, 2003,  8 comments
In the month of July, for the first time served over one million pages. I want to thank the approximately 188,000 people who visited last month.
July 25, 2003,  13 comments
Next week Bruce Eckel and I will be co-interviewing Anders Hejlsberg, the chief architect of C#. Although we already have several topics lined up to ask to Anders about, I'd like to give readers a chance to post their own ideas for the interview. What would you like to hear Anders Hejlsberg talk about?
June 26, 2003,  5 comments
The week before JavaOne I quietly unleashed a new feature on called Artima Developer Buzz. People with tech-oriented weblogs can register their RSS feeds in any of 16 communities (Java, Python, Open Source, etc.). Readers can quickly scan through Google-like summaries of posts to find what interests them.
May 2, 2003,  19 comments
Musings on the reasons people like me prefer static type checking for building systems.
April 29, 2003,  29 comments
I'll be interviewing James Gosling one week from today, my fifth annual interview with the creator of Java. I'm collecting ideas for the interview. What would you like to hear James Gosling talk about?
March 28, 2003,  13 comments
For social programming to work, specifications must in theory be strictly adhered to by both providers and consumers. But some systems seem to work in practice with loose adherence to specifications, systems in which sloppy providers and forgiving consumers are the norm. How important is strict adherence to contracts?
March 22, 2003,  9 comments
This week I added weblogs to Find out what Artima Weblogs have to offer.
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